3 Reasons Why I Love Simon Says Brownies

As you all are probably aware, I love sweets. Today I am going to share with you my love for a small, Philadelphia-based brownie company called Simon Says Brownies. Simon Says Browniesprizes itself on being “oooey” and “gooey.” Welp, they truly are. Simon Says invited me by to try some of their newer flavors of brownies: The Twix Brownie and the SOOOOO delicious Oreo Cookie brownie (in addition to their classic Cheesecake Brownie and Dark Chocolate Brownie). 

**Note: These are amazing brownies and guess what? You can enter for a chance to win a tray of Oreo Cookie brownies! How? Check out my Instagram page (@cledos_kitchen) for details and a chance to win.

Here are the top three reasons why I LOVE these brownies:

#1: They Taste Just Like Their Titles

For those of us who do not like to read food product descriptions, Simon Says has somehow mastered unique brownie recipes for flavors like The Twix Brownie (featured below) and Oreo Cookie Brownie that taste exactly like their intended flavors. I have no idea how they have done this, but I enjoyed eating them and thinking about the “how” of it all. LOL!


#2: They Are Oooey And Gooey

So when I was first introduced to Simon Says I was in LOVE with their Cheesecake Brownie; it tasted like cheesecake but a dang brownie! But during my most recent visit, I tried their newer Oreo Cookie Brownie (see below)… AND I AM IN LOVE! First, this brownie was sooooooo soft… moist…  super chocolatey, and Oreo cookie filled that I couldn’t stop eating them!


#3: The Are Mini

These mini yummies are the perfect size to fit in your mouth as well as to buffer feelings of guilt associated with eating too many brownies. HA!!!


If you love brownies or are looking for a new treat, you won’t be disappointed with these yummies. You can check out the Simon Says website here. Happy eating!