Blueberry Slaw With A Summer Kick!

This quick and easy slaw recipe is perfect for the summer. The great thing about this slaw is that it’s very versatile: I’ll often remix the recipe taking out the blueberries, adding raspberries’ and a chipotle mayo to use as the final layer to my fish tacos. Or, I’ll add avocado and tomato to eat as a veggie taco :-)

So let’s get started. 


You can use any bag of dry slaw (based on your preference). I typically use half a bag of slaw. 


Add a container of fresh blueberries. Don’t be skimpy on the blueberries, the more the merrier. 


Dice some green onions.


And some fresh cilantro.


Pop them all in a bowl.


Wait! Almost forgot the garlic. Next, mince some fresh garlic (about 5 cloves) then add pepper, salt, dill, basil, and two tablespoons of your favorite wasabi mayo to your bowl wonderfulness.

**Note on Wasabi Mayo: The amount of wasabi mayo is really based on your liking. You don’t want your slaw to be weighed down with too much mayo (or wasabi!). So I suggest adding one tablespoon, mixing, then adding another as needed.

Then, using a folding over movement, mix the ingredients together being careful to not smash the blueberries


Once the ingredients are all mixed, grab yourself a nicely aged cheese. The best for this slaw is a sharp cheese; If you’d like some suggestions (or my personal faves, shoot me a message). Depending on your love for cheese, take about a third of a block, shred it and add it to you slaw mixture (using the same folding over movement).


Then boom! You have a blueberry slaw! If you’re feel’in this recipe show me some love by liking this post. Also, share this post and my blog with all your foodie loving folks.