Cledo’s Review: 2016 Philly Food Truck Grubathon

I am truly a roaming foodie. People ask me all the time how do I find these yummy spots and it’s typically because I’ve stumbled into one during one of my very random walks. I’ll usually see someone eating something yummy in the window and become curious about the menu. Sadly, I don’t typically have the opportunity to explore food trucks as much as I’d like due to my work and travel schedule. Earlier this week I got the cool idea to devote a day or two to seeing some of the yummy food trucks in the Philly area. I’m glad I did this as I had the pleasure of tasting some delicious food, on foot, and learning more about the variety of food trucks in Philadelphia. I titled this adventure, the 2016 Philly Food Truck Grubathon occurring on Thursday (July 14th) and Friday (July 15th).

Day 1

So first Cledo’s Kitchen stopped by Magic Carpet Foods. This is a vegetarian food cart that has options like tofu meatballs, veggie chili, and falafels. Located on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, the best way to find this food truck is by foot. For more information on their location visit their website here.

Now, I ordered the tofu meatballs. YES, tofu meatballs. I was so excited to see “meatballs” on the menu. I haven’t had meatballs in the longest and to have had them on Thursday was like being reunited with an old friend. I must say Magic Carpet has mastered the meatball TEXTURE as well as the spice. PERFECTO! I ate the entire dish.


Next up was Sugar Philly: a macaron food truck that fills the macarons on the spot! Super fresh and just the right degree of sweetness, these macarons come in two sizes: small and large! Sugar Philly can be spotted around Philly during the week at multiple locations. Click here to see their weekly schedule. I can’t put into words how wonderful these macarons were – like, I don’t know what to say except the peach macaron is my heart.


Next I went over to Temple University’s campus to see what food truck options were over there; many of the food trucks were closed as it was around 4:30pm #noshade, but FYI to anyone thinking about hitting one up after work. Insomnia Cookieswas open and I still had room for a cookie! I mean, why not! Insomnia Cookies never fails on making a solidly good oooey gooey cookie– what a nice treat.

Day 2

Foolish Waffles was the focus of day 2 as I really really really wanted to try these waffles. Foolish was one of about four food trucks posted up at Kidchella 2016 (a kid’s concert series). 


The first waffle I tried was the Bahn Mi waffle: a heaven sent situation with tofu, sriracha, pickled cabbage, cucumbers, and whatever else was in the dang waffle. Now Imma be honest, when I first got the waffle I was wondering how moist it was going to be – but being the foodie I am, I took a faithful bite and it was THE BEST SANDWICH EVER! Something in how they make the waffle and then with the tofu and the cabbage, it just works. I woke up the next day wanting another! #realtalk #seriously.


Now, what made the date even better, yes, me and this food truck were having an intimate situation at this point – was their Boo Berry waffle: A waffle with some buttery situation, blueberries, and whipped cream making for the perfect breakfast dessert. As I ate that Boo Berry I found myself just staring into that Foolish food truck amazed at the goodness being created. That’s all I have to say about that.


Lastly, was The Tot Cart. A tater tot food truck that has a bunch of unique yummalicious tot flavors/toppings. I got the G-Parm which was garlic and parmesan mixed in/over the tots. Fo sho, those about the best tots I ever had.


So it’s official Philly has some great food trucks and I’m looking forward to dropping by others. I hope you enjoyed this blog and don’t forget to follow my IG and Snap Chat!