Making Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese Using Coconut Flour

I was kinda happy with my Mac and Cheese at the housewarming. I’ve been experimenting with different gluten free flours and I’ve been trying to create a cheesey roux using coconut flour. This has been a real challenge and I haven’t mastered this yet. For my mac and cheese I typically modify a standard Mac and Cheese recipe – here’s a good one.


Now, for gluten free recipes you have to mess around with the roux situation due to the flour (hence my issue with the coconut flour). I find that when I use rice flour blends, the portions for a nice cheesey roux are similar to wheat-based flour. This is my second time working with coconut flour, and I’m still fiddling around with it.

The coconut flour tends to absorb the milk and butter quickly, so more butter and milk are required. This go around (and this is try #2) came out moist, but not as melty, cheesey as I’d like. I’m committed to creating a gluten free mac and cheese using coconut flour though :-)  so stay tuned. Once I have this down, I’ll post the exact portions I used. Overall everyone enjoyed the Mac and Cheese!