Top Five Review: Jazzy Cookies

So today is looking very bright because my Jazzy Cookies are here! These are vegan, gluten free, egg-free, and diary free yummies 🙌🏾.  


Soooo I cracked that cookie bag open, took a bite and thought WOW! Like seriously, WOW. These cookies are for sure in my #topfive for best vegan and gluten free cookies… And that’s saying a lot because I try every vegan and gluten free treat I come across. 

I stumbled across Jazzy Cookies on Instagram (of course) after seeing a picture of the cookies. When I read the caption stating these were vegan, gluten free, and diary free I thought, “hmmmmm… egg free, vegan, gluten free, and diary free… is that possible?” 🤔🤔 LOL! But it is ☀️. 


I highly recommend these yummies to everyone but especially for those who have gluten or lactose sensitivity. You won’t regret it.  More information on Jazzy Cookies can be found on their website here.