Top Five Review: Front Street Cafe’s Gluten Free Veggie Burger

I had an AMAZING veggie burger from Front Street Cafe, located at 1253 N Front St. in Philadelphia PA. WOW, this burger was DELICIOUS!! The quinoa and mushroom patty provided a moist base topped with arugula, pickles and a yummy jam. But what took the cake was the gluten free bread that was moist, bready, and not stiff. See photos below. 


You see right there? To the left… that is that yummy jam that just tops the burger off. 


Side view… just the #yum. 


Once I put that sandmich togetha’ and cut it down the middle, I had to take a nice look inside. Check out the layers. Man, this thing was DELISH! Front Street’s Veggie Burger is definitely in my Top Five of veggie burgers. I strongly recommend.